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It’s the most common feeling in the world. Coming back home from a nice meal outside, filled up to your ears with cheese and regret.

Indulgence and guilty pleasures are how we reward ourselves in celebration. Then come the promises of eating more salads and working out But what if there was a way you could indulge, guilt-free?

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Meet the Team


Aanandita Chawla

Aanandita is a foodie by heart and a writer by profession, a combination of the two makes her the happiest. She has studied Journalism with Masters in Filmmaking and a budding career as a copywriter in ad.


Dhruv Chawla

Dhruv has a keen interest in working towards creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment in the hospitality industry. Has completed his M.Sc. in International Business and Management from the University of Manchester with a B.Sc. From Hindu College, Delhi University.


Mamta Chawla

It was her quest to find a healthy, unsweetened and freshly prepared beverage alternative to tea, coffee and fizzy colas which sowed the seed that later fructified into Getafix. A Post-Graduate in Economics and a Housewife by choice she is content to let the young and energetic brother-sister duo to run the show and provide back end support.